George Papadopoulos was born and raised in the city of Limassol in Cyprus. 

He graduated from the London University’s Bartlet School of Architecture with First Degree Honours. He obtained the Diploma in Architecture and became a Chartered member of RIBA, ARCUK and ETEK. 

During his studies he had the opportunity to study under Architects and teachers such as James Stirling, James Gowan, and Phylip Tabor.

Hard work and dedication lead him to open his own office in London, where he worked for over a decade.

During the 90s he returns to his home country and in 1992 he founds his own design company “SKINOTECHNIKI”. Which later on becomes and still is the leading design company in Cyprus undertaking projects in Stage, Tv and Film design, Museums and Exhibitions, and Installations.

George is a multidisciplinary designer who never settles for what he knows, always striving for more knowledge especially in design.

He believes that design, whether it is an architectural project or a scenery design, needs to touch our senses.

One of the most important aspects in his design process is developing a vocabulary of using opposites to recreate experiences. “To do this, opposites need to be combined. Open/enclosed, dark/brightly lid, hot/cold, hard-soft, heavy-light. It’s these opposites that wake up our senses and give us a sense of belonging.” 


Some of his favourite childhood memories include the indoor yard of his family home, sitting under the hanging vineyard and spending summertime with this grandparents in Saittas village.

A memory, which became the inspiration for designing his House in Limassol. His house in Limassol is a highly acclaimed project that he takes pride in.

His biggest influences in life were his father teaching him handcrafts and most importantly his wife and children who support and give him inspiration though out the years.